� Why did we turn our backs on Lain? �


It took 3.5 billion years to reach this level of life on Earth. 3.5 billion... 3,500,000,000 years to reach an Eden, a paradise. Within 200 years we will have taken it all, consumed it, shit it out, polluted it, processed it, and destroyed it. Within half a billion... 500,000,000 years, the Sun's intensity will drive the co2 levels of the Earth so low it will no longer be possible for multi-cellular, large, complex life to exist any longer.

It took 87.5% of the Earth's life producing time to create an eco-utopia and within 0.00000005% of Earth's life producing time for it to be consumed and annihilated.

There is no chance intelligent life on Earth will become space faring. There is no chance we will solve hunger or misery. We were destined for failure by our genetic toolset and psychological blindspots.

We play out a suicide in slow motion.

We were already



� Will I find her here? �